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Halloween Signage

 The Home Depot

Illustration of a Halloween ticket sign

One of the biggest graphic design seasons at The Home Depot is Halloween.
HD goes all out to make in-store feel spooky and enticing to showcase their new seasonal products. Below are my digitally illustrated concepts for 2018's signage.

Mad Scientist Concept

Backgrounds & Textures

Isolated Elements

Lug On 1

Add On

L Sign

End Cap

End Cap/Wall

3-Tier Sign

Lug On 2

"Creepy Carnival" Concept

Cathryn Bozone Circus Merchandiser Concept Digital Illustration

Merchandiser Display

Cathryn Bozone Circus Ticket Sign Concept Digital Illustration

Ticket Aisle Topper

Cathryn Bozone Circus Marquee Sign Concept Digital Illustration
Carnival Digita Art Background Concept For Halloween
Carnival Cannon Thrilling Scare Lugon Digital Art Concept
Carnial Hand Digital Art Concept For Hallowen
Carniva Skeleton Digital Art Concept for Hallowen
Carniva L-Sign Digita Art Concept fo Halloween

Marquee Sign


Isolated Elements



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