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Monarch Butterfly

Art Installation

Photo of Cathryn Bozone's Monarch Butterfly Installation
" Take One"Poster Design

The visitors take an oragami butterfly to take home. On the outside is a unique pattern, on the inside are tips and tricks you can do at home to help the cause. 

With this artist installation, I wanted to use design to communicate an important message: Monarch Butterflies are important, and they are going extinct. 

I not only wanted this installation to be informative, but I wanted it to be interactive

Banner reading "Monarch Butterfly Populations are Declining"
A banner reading "How to help grow milk weed and use safe herbicides"
Visitors viewing Cathryn's Monarch Butterfly Installation
Visitors viewing Cathryn's Monarch Butterfly Installation

As the visitors take the butterflies off the wall, the numbers slowly diminish.

At the end of the night, almost all the oragami butterflies are gone, leaving

a visual representation of what is happening in real life. 

Cathryn's Monarch Butterfly Installation
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